Accessibility Equipment

Accessibility Equipment to Borrow

We aim to ensure our guests have a wonderful holiday and we are delighted to be able to offer accessible equipment to borrow for the length of your stay with us at Wallops Wood. This is a completely free service and reserved items will be placed in your cottage ready for your arrival.

You are welcome to reserve any of the equipment by emailing us at

Please ensure that you book the item(s) you need ahead of your stay.

Items are offered on a first-come, first served basis.

  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitised after use, checked for any damage or breakages
  • Wallops Wood cannot be held responsible for any misuse or accidents that may occur (please see our Terms & Conditions for further details)
  • Wallops Wood cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by use of this equipment
  • Please respect any items used so that other guests can enjoy it. Thank you.

Bath Seat

A bath seat for use in our accessible bathrooms
Suspended Bath Seat

This removable, repositionable seat provides a sitting platform within the bath to facilitate washing or can provide a staged decent into the bath.

Note: a user needs to be able to safely step into and out of the bath and position themselves. This, therefore, requires good upper body strength; Grab bars could be positioned by the bath to assist, as required, by individual guests

Bed Rails

Bed rails and bed grab rail can be fitted to a bed for accessible guests

Bed Rails

These adjustable metal bed rails can be fitted to the side of the bed to prevent the risk of either falls or injuries. Therefore, giving the freedom to relax comfortably while in bed without the worry of slipping out. This can also aid in sitting up or changing of position without assistance. Height 46cm (18”) Length 127cm (50”)

Bed Grab Rail

This sturdy bed grab rail ensures extra assistance when getting into or out of bed. With a height adjustable frame, the grab rail is suitable for any user. The two legs rest on the floor and the frame is firmly secured into place via three straps around the bed frame, ensuring minimal movement when in use

Bed Raisers

Six furniture raisers for raising beds, sofas or armchairs in our accessible holiday accommodation
Cone Furniture Raisers

Raises a bed or chair by 9cm / 3½” and holds furniture legs and coasters in a firm position. This aids movement in getting in and out of furniture and reduces the strain on the body. Maximum user and load weight when 4 raisers are used is 35 stone (225 kg)

The raisers can also be used in conjunction with a powered hoist, which can be hired, by prior arrangement, from Solent Mobility

Commodes & Perching Stools

Commode and perching stool can both be reserved prior to arrival date for accessible guests

Homecraft Commode

Light and durable steel frame with adjustable height. The rear framework adds support for the back and arm rests provide extra comfort for the user. This offers a solution to those with limited mobility as it can be used anywhere. Maximum user weight 21 stone (136 kg)

Prima Modular Perching Stool

The tilt design seat is 5 cm / 2” lower at the front than the back, which reduces the effort required to sit/stand and offers an arm and back rest for added comfort. There is an adjustable seat height with a minimum height of 48 cm / 19” and a maximum height of 63 cm / 25”at the front

The user can half stand or perch, which in turn reduces the strain from standing up for long durations. The seat is 40 cm / 16”wide and the width between arms is 43 cm / 17”. Maximum user weight 30 stone (190 kg)


Two crutches for use by accessible guests with reduced mobility

Coopers Elbow Crutch

Height adjustable elbow crutch with cuff around forearm and hand grip. The shape is designed to spread the pressure more evenly over the hand and therefore makes it more comfortable to use. Maximum user weight 28 stone (180kg)

Grab Rails

Two grab rails can be pre-ordered prior to arrival date to use in our accessible wetrooms

Extendable Suction Grab Bars

The grab bars are easy to install or remove, just by flipping the tab. Two sizes are available 44 cm / 17” and 55 cm / 22” and both are extendable by up to 13 cm / 5”

These provide a safe means of getting in or out of the shower or bath and can withstand about double the pull pressure that a person could physically achieve

Hand bell & Vibrating alarm clock

Hand bell and vibrating alarm clock with large digital display and super loud alarm options

Hand Bell

A convenient, loud and portable means of attracting attention to provide extra confidence for personal independence

Vibrating Alarm Clock

This clock has several features to make getting up easier as it has not only a super-loud adjustable volume (up to 95 db), but also an extra bright strobe alarm and a large, clear digital display. There are options to use as a shaker only, the shaker with sound, the sound and flash or the flash and shaker

Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats for use in our en-suite accessible wetrooms

Homecraft Raised Toilet Seat with Frame

The raised toilet seat is affixed to a sturdy tubular frame with moulded rubber slip resistant feet which provides extra security when using the toilet. Frame height is adjustable. Supports up to 25 stone / 158 kg

Raised Toilet Seat with Frame

Height adjustable frame, which is designed to support the user in a high position for easy transfer on and off the seat. There are also rubber moulded feet to help prevent the frame from slipping. It has a wide 46 cm / 18” seat. Maximum user weight 30 stone / 190 kg)

Walking Aids

Wheeled adjustable walking aid, and lightweight wheeled rollator with rest seat are available to borrow during your stay

Days Wheeled Adjustable Height Walking Aid

Due to a lightweight aluminium frame and easy to manoeuvre wheels on the front, this walker can give confidence and stability

There are slip-resistant rubber tips on the back, and plastic handles for added safety

Lightweight Wheeled Rollator with Rest Seat

This walker has 4 easily manoeuverable wheels and a lightweight frame. It has an adjustable handle height for added comfort and there is a padded seat and backrest for taking breaks. Maximum user weight 18½ stone / 117 kg

Wheelchairs (including showering wheelchair)

Self or attendant propelled showering wheelchairs and attendant propelled general use wheelchair for use by our accessible guests to borrow during their stay

Coopers Self or Attendant Propelled Shower Wheelchair

This can be used as either a showering wheelchair or a commode chair (if used with a commode pan). It has a height adjustable frame and detachable or height adjustable footrests, also for extra comfort, there is a padded seat which includes a removable section for easier personal cleaning. There are also padded armrests that can fold up out of the way. Seat height 54 – 63.5 cm / 21¼ – 25”. Seat dimensions 43 x 43 cm / 17 x 17”

Escape Lite 338-S Attendant Propelled Wheelchair

A general use wheelchair which has a folding frame and back rest, which folds to a width of 28 cm / 11” with a standard 46cm/18” seat. There are attendant cable operated brakes and convenient swing away or detachable footplates. Maximum user weight 16 stone / 101½ kg

Breezy Self or Attendant Propelled General Use Wheelchair

This model has extra frame holes to allow for the height adjustable seat (maximum seat height is 51cm / 20”). There are adjustable footplates and the seat size is 43 x 43 cm / 17 x 17”. Maximum user weight 19½ stone /125 k g

Transfer Board

Wooden transfer board for accessible guests to borrow during their stay

Wooden Transfer Board

Made from sturdy birch plywood, this transfer board can be used to assist with transferring from beds, wheelchairs and cars without the need to be lifted. The board has tapered edges making it easier for the user to position themselves and the lacquered finish to the top gives a slippery surface to aid in sliding. Maximum user weight 30 stone / 190 kg

Other Equipment

Specialist equipment such as profiling beds, mobility scooters and hoists can be hired from a trusted local company

If you need a profile bed, hoist or mobility scooter, please contact Solent Mobility direct on 023 9200 9999 to hire these items or more specialist equipment. Solent Mobility know us well and will install your items ready for your arrival.