Doggy Hamper

We love dogs at Wallops Wood and all our cottages are dog friendly. We understand that your dog is a member of the family and we trust that your furry friend will have just as much fun as you will whilst staying with us at Wallops Wood.

Pets are welcome in all of our cottages and dogs receive their own welcome pack! This includes:

  • Complimentary toy to keep – we hope your dog will enjoy chewing and playing with this toy in your enclosed garden
  • Complimentary Wallops Wood tasty treats, Blanket and two sofa throws – we know keeping your dogs off the furniture can be a challenge, but please use the throws provided to help us keep the houses looking as good as they do for our next guests
  • Towel – please don’t use the bath or showers in the houses. The fur will clog our drains. Thank you
  • Holiday tags – attach the tag with our contact details to your dog’s collar just in case they run off. Please do remember to take it off your dog prior to departure so we can use it for another doggy resident!
  • Poop scoop and bags
  • Bowls – water and food bowls so you don’t need to bring their own
  • Dog walk suggestions – you’ll find laminated OS maps in the house. We also have 7 laminated sheets with walks which include local dog-friendly pubs